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5 Charger Fast Charging best cheap 2020

HP Fast Charging Charger-Android HP is already one of the most needed electronic devices nowadays. Even some people admit it can not be separated from the name of HP Android, although a day only. Such needs may be due to several things, can be for business, education, and for entertainment such as playing games.

The operating intensity of HP Android is quite high, making the battery power once exhausted. If it is like this then HP must be charged and not operated. However, sometimes some users still operate the HP even while being interceped. But this kind of habit is not advised to do. The solution is to use a fast charging charger. This type of Charger allows charging the HP battery faster. Here are some of the best HP fast charging charger recommendations and at a cheap price you can make a choice.

HP Fast Charging Charger options Cheapest 2020
1. Aukey PA-T9 – Rp 199,000,-
Charger option with the first cheapest fast charging feature, Aukey PA-T9. This one Charger claimed to be able to charge the HP battery until it is full with a fairly short time. From the user review, Aukey PA-T9 is able to charge the battery in just 1 hour. This is because it is supported with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.
Aukey PA-T9 can also match various types or types of HP. Because this one charger provides a wide selection of power ports, ranging from 3.6 V-6.5 V/3A to 9V-12V/1.5 A. Interestingly, Aukey PA-T9 is also equipped with smart features namely anti overheat and anti overcharging.

2. Anker PowerPort 4 – Rp 399,000,-
Furthermore, there is Anker PowerPort 4 which is also one of the best fast charging charger. The interesting one from this charger is equipped with 4 USB ports at once, where each port selects a different type. The first port carries the 3.0 Quick Charge technology, and the other third PowerIQ-tech ports.
This one Charger is suitable for Android HP which is not equipped with fast charging feature to accelerate its charging.

3. Anker PowerPort 2 – Rp 220,000,-

Anker PowerPort 2 is a cheap version of the Anker PowerPort 4 above. The difference is, in this one charger the supplied port has only 2 ports. The first port is equipped with the Quick Charge 3.0 technology, while the second port carries PowerIQ technology.
Ports with QC 3.0 have output of 5V/3A, 9V/2V, and 12V/1.5 A, while for PowerIQ Port have 5V/2.4 A output. Charging HP Android with Anker PowerPort 2 is claimed it only takes less than 2 hours.

4. Rock Sugar PD – Rp 189,000,-
This time there is a Rock Sugar PD charger which is also equipped with the best fast charging feature. Rock Sugar PD is claimed to be able to charge HP very quickly and briefly. Just like the previous charger, this one charger also comes with 2 different port types.
The first Port is supported with Power Delivery technology and Quick Charge 3.0. Meanwhile, the second port has the support of Huawei's FCP Fast Charging technology as well as the Quick Charge 3.0.  Both ports have an output value of 3.6 V-6.5 V/3A to 9V-12V/1.5 A.

5. Uneed Quickplug 107 – Rp 115,000,-
And the best and last cheap fast charging charger option is Uneed Quickplug 107. With just one USB port, this charger is equipped with Qualcomm's Quick Charger 3.0 technology.
Uneed Quickplug 107 claimed to be able to charge the battery very quickly. In the tests, this one charger can accelerate charging up to 4X faster than a regular charger.
That's some recommendation of the best cheap HP fast charging charger that you can make a choice. Hopefully the above information is useful.