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How to accelerate Internet connection on Android most powerful

How to accelerate Internet connection on Android-almost everyone must have Android HP in the modern era as of now. Android PHONES are widely used as a choice because of their ease of operation. In addition, HP Android has been equipped with various advanced features that are able to facilitate various user's daily activities. Not only used by teenagers, HP Android is already used by children to adults.

However, HP Android seems useless if it is not connected to the Internet network. Yes, because almost all activity on HP Android requires the Internet connection. One of them is by purchasing mobile data quota according to the type of carrier card used in HP Android. Sometimes Internet connection in HP becomes Lemot without any known cause. So, how to speed up Internet connection on Android that Lemot? More information you can see below.

How to accelerate Internet connection on Android most powerful
There are several ways you can make your Android PHONE's Internet connection faster. As for how to speed up Internet connection on Android more, as follows:

1. Block ads on Android

One of the causes of Internet connection in Android becomes Lemot because of the many ads that appear on the screen. For example, when visiting a site on the internet and there are a lot of ads appearing. This not only makes the Internet connection slow, but it can also drain Internet data quota.
To unblock ads you can use the help of third-party applications, such as AdBlocker, AdAway and so on.

2. Deleting Cache files
Another alternative to speed up Internet connection on smartphones is to clean up cache files that accumulate. Caching is a temporary data that is useful for speeding up app loading in the second moment.
However, if allowed to accumulate for a long time, the cache can also cause a lemot Internet connection. In addition, in other conditions the cache can also be the cause of HP hot fast, the application exits itself and other error problems. To clear the cache can by going to the settings menu > > Select Storage > > Select Cache > > clear Cache or Clear Cache. Or how you can use cache cleaner app, such as Ccleaner, Avast Cleanup, etc.

3. Using the Speed Optimizer app
There are many options of third-party applications that are claimed to be powerful enough to speed up Internet connection in HP Android. This kind of application is also known as the Speed Optimizer app.
However, generally these applications require root access to be used optimally. Some of the Speed Optimizer application options, such as Speedify, Network Master, DNS Changer and so on.

4. Resetting DNS
The DNS stands for the Domain Name System, where it serves to change the IP address to a Domain address. This DNS itself can also affect the access speed of the Internet network in HP Android.
One of the fastest and widely used DNS is Google's DNS Regarding search change DNS on HP android more, as follows:

  • First go to HP Android settings menu.
  • Next click on the connection option.
  • Scroll down and select more connection settings options.
  • Click on the DNS option to start resetting its DNS.
5. Using VPN Apps
And the last way to speed up Internet connection in an Android smartphone using a VPN. A VPN can not only be used to access a blocked site, but it can also speed up its connection.
Some of the VPN app recommendations on Android you can use include Tunnel Bear, ExpressVPN, TurboVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost and many more.
That's a few ways to speed up Internet connection on Android the easiest and most powerful you can apply. Hopefully the above information is useful.