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5 most popular music Streaming apps on Android

Music Streaming App-talking about music is a person who makes a quieter and must be entertained until singing, especially those who listen to his favorite music will surely be able to live and be carried away with a pleasant atmosphere.
The fact when listening to music is also different from the song, there are from the singing directly when the concert, and can even be through the Android phone itself while relaxing.

It is already common only with Android, you can already play music to listen. Well, for those of you who still do not know the reference streaming music application on Android. This time it will be given a list of the most popular music streaming apps. Let's go straight to read more below:

5 most popular music Streaming apps on Android
Youtobe Music App

The first music streaming app, which you can try first is Youtobe music. The service in this application is quite complete, you can search music favorite to listen in time. But before you playlist in open application Youtobe music try to activate the data.

Another advantage of this app is like when you're looking for a song but don't know exactly the title. Then the best feature of this app will make it easier to find. In addition Youtobe music is also free of annoying ads in the screen display of HP.

The Spotify app

Next, the most popular music streaming app is Spotify. Actually, this one music app has long been out in Google Play Store. Interestingly again in the service of this application you can find the latest music that has been updated and also you can include it loh here.

In addition Spotify is presenting a podcast to listen to sung by world-renowned artists, for its feature is a premium where you can also marry its free service.

Joox app

One of today's trend applications that are widely used by most teenagers today, this app includes streaming music where you can enjoy the latest songs that have been updated above yourself.

The application that is developer by Tencent Mobility Limited also provides entertainment features in the karaoke free of charge, and not only that Joox also equipped with 50 radio connection around the world without any limit.

Apple Music App

One of the most significant modern applications that offer a total of 60 million songs in the corners of the world. Interestingly, this Apple Music app is not only used by Apple products, now that you have Android already been able to try it out.

If you are in WiFi service then take advantage of that opportunity because you can download music first then in save, if you want to play back then you do not need to turn on Internet quota.

Sound Cloud Application

Another music streaming app that can be a reference like Sound Cloud, this one application does provide easy service because it is very suitable for you who are still public or already professional. Interestingly again on this application you can also add friends to follow through your personal account.

Well, that's about the 5 most popular music Streaming apps on Android. Hopefully this information provides benefits and you can download the application.