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5 lightweight and Best VPN app on Android

Lightweight VPN application – the need for a VPN or so-called Virtual Private Network when such a lot of usefulness, one of its kind if you want to access through the web but the site is unfortunately already banned or blocked by the government. The reason is very much other than the government has blocked misled content is arguably negative.

From the performance of the Government that made the decision to close such content, it does not change most people who remain curious and want to open it again. The exact solution is to use a VPN application as a help to keep the web address open.

Well, for those of you who want to get a lighter VPN app better before downloading it to hearken to the recommendations below, here:

5 lightweight and Best VPN app on Android
Aplikasi Turbo VPN

The first, the most popular VPN app with a lightweight capacity like Turbo VPN. The service in this turbo application can open any site that has been blocked or banned by the government. This application is also known for its reliability, and there are two versions that are paid premium and also free.

How to use Turbo VPN application is quite simple once, most importantly you connect via Internet data quota if Wi-Fi channel. If you want to be interested once you can go directly to the Google Play Store

Aplikasi Free VPN & Security

Next, its worth parallel to the Turbo VPN app like Free VPN & Security. This free VPN service provides the advantage of not only tracking sites that are blocked only by the government, but also maintained your ID address when breaking into restricted sites.

Users can connect to the server on a free, as well as to the country of Singapore, India and many other famous countries. If you want premium application then have to pay with the rupiah value 14 thousand, which you can enjoy

As many as 20 best servers.

Thunder VPN App

One of the super-reliable VPNS that use it very simple is to just press one connect button, this VPN service is free with no paid ads. In addition, the impact of the VPN Thunder app is wide-range, you will feel a good intercultural speed.

But you need to look first before getting in the Play store to download, then try your Android phone at least 5 versions to it. Interestingly again the signal to connect to this VPN application is not only 4G, but it can also 3G and Wi-Fi.

Aplikasi Super VPN

As with its Super app name it can be enabled to open sites that have long been blocked, to run it very simple just use tap on the Connect button.

Super VPN users do not need to Ribet to register in the log in, just follow the direction of the application you have enjoyed the unlimited internet speed. For the start of this VPN application is still free, after 20 days then it will be charged.

Aplikasi VPN Proxy Master

One more application that should not be considered as trivial as VPN Proxy Master, although it looks simple but the service has a server as much as 20 that you can choose one of its coins.

Well, that's about 5 lightweight and best VPN apps on Android. Hopefully this interesting information is useful for you.

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